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earn money online, from 2Captcha

How to earn money from captcha 2021

Earn From Captcha in 2021
Earn from Captcha

On 2Captcha Website You don't need any digital skills to make money online. You need to do just go on 2Captcha Website and firstly create your account and then you can earn money by solving the given captcha there. Here they are offering two types of captcha.

  1. Captcha
  2. ReCaptcha
Website Url: Visit


            In Captcha, they will give you simple words on the screen and you just need to type these words on the given box then click on submit button. They will give you 1$ for solving more than 500 Captcha.


              In ReCaptcha, they will give you a picture on the screen and you will find the thing that they ask from you. For example, if they ask to find the picture that has a car so you will find that picture having a car and click on submit button. Recaptcha is highly paid than Captcha. You can easily earn 1$ by solving 200 to 300 Captcha on this website.
You can earn money on this site as much as you can & refer others to make more money. It needs a lot of time and patience. So it all depends on you. it needs your time and patience

Withdraw from 2Captcha

You can take your withdraw by using the following method of payment.

  1. Perfect money
  2. AdvCash
  3. Payeer
  4. AirTM
  5. Bitcoin
  6. WebMoney

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