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ServiceScape job in 2021 fiver alternative


Top Freelancing website in 2021 | fiver alternative

If you have some creative freelancing skills and you want to use them then freelancing to start your career online industry is the best option for that. Here on the internet, you can find many websites where you can give your services and can earn more money without going office or having a boss. That's so cool.  

4. ServiceScape

Service Scape job in 2021
ServiceScape job in 2021

Servicescape is the topmost freelancing website. It has million of the customer. Million of freelancers are there providing their services and earn a lot. if you are a freelancer and you have some digital skills then you can work there as a freelancer and can earn from the services that you would pay. If you want to work they are making an account there and start your career.

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24 Best freelancing skills you need to work as a freelancer. on ServiceScape

  1. Logo Designer. 
  2. Web Developer 
  3. Virtual assistance
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. App developer
  7. Creative writer
  8. Copy writer
  9. Business consultant 
  10. SEO Consultant 
  11. Voice over editor
  12. Video Editor
  13. Financial Advisor
  14. Fitness Advisor
  15. Ms Office Expert
  16. Typing Master
  17. E-commerece 
  18. Photoshop Editor
  19. Website Mockup Designer
  20. Photo Editor
  21. Photo Retouching
  22. Graphic/Poster Designer
  23. Icon Design
  24. Book Cover Designer etc

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