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How to earn money online from clicking ads with Scarlet Click

Earn money online with Scarlet Click

Earn Money Online Scarlet Click

What is Scarlet Click?

The Scarlet Click website is a type of PTC  ( paid to click ) website. It acts as a middleman between advertiser and consumer. The advertiser is those who pay for displaying ads on PTC websites. And Consumers are those who earn money by watching ads.

Is Scarlet Click is legit/real?

Yes, It's real. To earn from scarlet click is slow but it's real. For the USA and European peoples, it's paid 0.5$ to 2$ per click. if you use the strategy you can earn fast from scarlet.

How much you can earn money online with Scarlet Click?

Scarlet Click pay according to country wise. if you are from the USA or any European country you can earn 0.5$ to 2$ per click but if you are from Asian Country especially India or Pakistan they will pay you 0.001 to 0.005 per click. if you use the strategy you can earn fast from scarlet.

How do you earn money online from scarlet click?

  1. You can earn from clicking ads
  2. You can complete offers
  3. You can invite people to get more.
  4. Use strategy to boost your income two times.

What is the minimum payout of Scarlet Click?

The minimum payout of scarlet click is 2$

What is the payment method in scarlet click?

All payment method in scarlet click is available. Some of them are as follows.
  1. Payeer 
  2. Bitcoin 
  3. AirTM 
  4. Neteller 
  5. Skrill  
  6. Faucetpay 
  7. Litecoin 
  8. Dash
Withdrawal fees of Scarlet Clicks 

Payment Method









L $1.5


$1 + 1%




$0.5 + 2%

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